A Digital Level Machine

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Digital levels are precise survey instruments used for precise levelling. The operation of digital levels is based on the digital processing of video indications of a coded staff. Digital levels improve standards for levelling on construction sites and general surveying tasks. They are simple to use, take measurements quickly, and minimise human error, while the integrated programs enhance levelling work. Experience shows that with a digital level there is up to 50% time saving when compared with conventional levels.

After that the instrument automatically points the focus of its optical system on the surface of the meter and then a rough correlation calculation is performed followed by the precise correlation. According to the data received in the processor of the instrument an exact distance from the axes of the instrument to the surface of the level meter is calculated. According to the information received by decoding the data from the photoelectric matrix the height of the level placing is calculated in the processor.

A Digital Level Machine

There are many advantages that come when using a digital level macine. The Correction of collimation error can be reliably determined and saved using the four integrated Check and Adjust procedures or it can be entered manually. The digital levels Minimizes human error hence Fatigue-free observation as visual staff reading by the observer is not required. They have user friendly menus with easy to read, digital display of results. The Earth curvature correction is also available since the measurements made are automatically free of the influence of the earth’s curvature. The measurements have consistent precision and reliability due to automation. Automatic data storage eliminates booking and its associated errors. Digital levels can also be operated in low light conditions. There is also fast, economic surveys resulting in saving in time (up to 50% less effort has been claimed by manufacturers). Data on the storage medium of the level can be downloaded to a computer enabling quick data reduction for various purposes.

Digital Levels in Kenya

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