Surveying Services

We provide an array of geospatial solutions which are customer-tailored in Land, Topographical and Engineering Surveying services at minimal cost .

Land & Topo Survey

Topo Surveys

We carry out land, topo surveys, map production, contours and 3D i.e. longi. & cross-section profiles.

Land Survey

Land Surveys

We do mutations, beaconing, titling, General and Fixed Boundary Surveys; & control surveys.


Eng. Surveys

E.g. 3D engineering designs; road/bridge works, pipelines, the X-sectional and long. profiles; & leveling.


Bathymetric & Hydro Surveys

Bathymetric Survey is conducted to map under-water floor by use of Echosounder, GNSS, a boat etc.

Sectional Property Survey

The Sectional Property Survey

Provides 3D plans for use in preparation of the Strata-Titles and the management of a building unit.


Orbital Africa is a registered surveying and GIS mapping company in Kenya and Eastern Africa region at large. We carry out land, topographical, Bathymetric, Hydrographic, Sectional Properties, control and engineering surveying services in Kenya using latest and state-of-the-art technologies and tools such as Geodetic GNSS/RTK, GPS, Scan Stations, Total Stations and Drones. In line with the current trend of equipment design which is based on the application of digital and laser based technologies, we offer services aimed at expanding our centre’s capacity and capability to service and maintain automated equipment and hardware utilized in surveying, GIS, resource mapping and environmental management. In this regard, our engineering, land/cadastral, control and topographical surveys approach is focused on but not limited to:

  1. Provision of wide range of Control, Land & Topographical Surveying solutions and management of geospatial technologies, products as well as services.
  2. Development of Web-based Land Information Systems (LIS) resource mobilization for geo-information generation, application and dissemination.
  3. Establishing effective and efficient Land & Topo Surveys methods; management partnerships as well as in global strategic alliances, advisory services.

The aim of topo survey is to: (i) Produce Topographical and Cadastral Maps of the project area; (ii) Map Topographic Features and generate topographic (cross-sectional) profiles; (iii) To establish the vertical and horizontal controls for accurately defining locations within project area. A sample of Orbital Africa's Topographical Survey Manual can be downloaded: here. We also offer training on basic operation of a total station, level machine and GPS.

You can also request a quote for land or topographical survey by sending us an e-mail at: or call us on: 0719-672296.

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